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he decided to settle into building a solo career for himself, in the late eighties.


Since then Mankind has let loose on the world, a plethora of hits, ranging from love songs to hard core culture. Many on the Drumilly label with whom he teamed up to produce songs like, " Dance with Me", "Nuh Teck Back Chat", in combination with Nardo Ranks, and what could be considered his anthem in "Only one King", which is featured on the Drumilly Reggae Catalogue CD. along with the massive "Maximum Amount of



This unique styling has undoubtedly attracted many producers all wanting to make a mark on the world , and this produced music like, "Hard Ears Pickney" and "Gully Bank", done on the Steelie and Clevie label. “No Love” and the  latest “Interview: produced on the Shocking Vibes label, and included mon the cd “Kumina” is currently dominating the local airwaves.


The best is yet to come as Mankind who has spent the first phase of his career building a solid musical catalogue is now ready to go out and show the world what dymanic performance is all about, and for those of us who had a taste of this on the various Shocking Vibes presentations on lacal stage shows and other recent sneak previews of this talented and energetic performer, we can only be happy to know that entertainment in the world is still in for a treat with songs like" Bongo Nyah", done in combination with Jackie Parris and "Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone", still to be released both on Video and Cd.you better get hooked on to Mankind and you will be in for some good musical vibes.



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