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In Jamaica when poetry is put to music, we call it dub poetry and More Cufture fits into this very well. With a style very much his own, he has been woeing audiences from his days at Old Harbour High1 where other than being the life of Local sessions he also performed in the various Jamaica Cultural Development Corporation, sponsored Festival activities, and has created quite a buzz on smaller shows across the island.


In 1994 he did his first recording with Drumilly Music, when he recorded the single" New Born", and later went on to record "Lion of Judah" and "Blackest Among Women", works for which he has become a familiar television face, from being played on the various video shows.


"Tommy and Benny" is his latest release, and is aimed directly at the members of the society, who gives up all for the latest fashions.


This dynamic and conscious performer, is ready for the big times and is a special treat at any stage show.