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                                    Tinga Stewart continued

One of the smoothest voices in the music business Tinga has always had the respect of artistes and audience alike but it was to be the era of the DJ and Dance Hall music that brought Tinga his biggest recognition when he teamed up with Ninja Man on a series of Percy Sledges songs  to rack the Dance Halls all across the world.  Drumillly Music met up with Tinga during this period and we went on to do  a series of Music Videos including the very popular “ Inside My Heart” and “Ragga Boey” . He is also here with some songs done for the Movie “ Moments Like These”… These are “ Come into my corner, … and .. Break your heart” and are included on the album ‘Momments Like These”  …. Tinga is here with Music Videos and Music check him out and order your choice.