By ..  Clarenceroyes..

March 2005.

The fact that you are reading this article means that you already know that Greetings Across The World is the greatest link of Jamaicans across the Diaspora and we think it is now time to make this into one big global village where we can know each other and know how Jamaicans are affecting lives in the various corners of the world.  Let us bring them all together  on this one website on which you can presently watch the very popular programme GREETINGS ACROSS THE WORLD as seen on TVJ each year during the months of December and January .


How this works is quite simple,, you nominate the people who you think fall into each category of GREAT JAMAICAN , send us whatever information you have, as a good place to start and we will do the research, contact the nominees and get their first hand accounts of the great things they have done and you can follow it right here on GREETINGS ACROSS THE WORLD  both in video and graphics and we will name the person who is selected as the GREATEST JAMAICAN  each year to coincide with emancipation day August 1st . Note we did not say the winners, because if you are nominated as a GREAT JAMAICAN then you are already a winner.


Here is the brawta  however. Each year on our Greetings Across The World Programme we will be presenting some of your choices who are all Great Jamaicans, so you can follow them either on Jamaican Television or right here on . It can only be G----.


Go ahead nominate your person or vote for any of the other nominees and follow the progress right here . Be a part of tomorrows programming today. Click here to see nominees