MAKE TODAY A CHRISTMAS, is the theme song for GREETINGS ACROSS THE WORLD 2005. Those already familiar with the very popular Christmas CD, 2000 Years Of Christmas have come to expect new and great experience each year. We try our best to live up to the expectations of our audience and this year we got both the NEW  and the GREAT correct. New is the concept of a Christmas song that addresses the social concern of people all over the world.  The concern of Crime,  Violence, Deprivation and War, under the theme Peace and Love. Great goes to the world class singer George Nooks and could be added before any noun in a statement concerning this man and his career, but we want to address the GREAT favour he has done for our audience in adding his cool calm recognizable voice and styling to your favourite Christmas CD. George Nooks is backed up by Great rhythm form Dennis ( JahD ) Fearon and harmony form Thriller U and Maria.


The CD which is this year titled  2000 YEARS OF CHRISTMAS Volume 4 consists of all original songs created to fit into the type of Christmas that the world enjoys in the twenty first century. Also New and Great on volume 4 is the song titled “New Beginning “ which should be a welcomed addition to the New Year celebrations. The song wishes a Happy New year to people in five different languages and caters to a mature audience who would prefer to meet and greet instead of           “buggie down” . It is sung by  OssieD and StevieG and Althea. I call them OssieD & StevieG and the crew, which involves a lot of other great entertainers from time to time, like Sophia Fisher, Shirley Mclaine, remember them, who gave you other memorable songs on the CD like, I’ll Be Home For Christmas, Christmas How-di-do, Christ-mas and of course the song that has been taking over New Years celebrations since its release in 2002 “ Happy New Year” . NEW & GREAT that’s what it is all about, GREAT is the experience that you will have with “ 2000 YEARS OF CHRISTMAS Volume 4 “ which is still a limited edition this year and is available at some record outlets across the world. It is always available from the crew that travels the world each year to film the programme at various venues in South Florida, New York, Toronto and the United Kingdom.2000 YEARS OF CHRISTMAS is the collection of original Christmas songs from the Eighteen year old Christmas Television programme GREETINGS ACROSS THE WORLD, and really got started when people start calling the station year after year to find out where they could get copies of the songs that were played on the programme. 2000  YEARS OF CHRISTMAS  is certainly one of the best Christmas compilation you will find anywhere and is certainly the best gift you can give a loved one for Christmas, and as the song says “ Make Today A Christmas like any Christmas day, when people love and people hug and give beautiful gifts away”  click right here and order yours now , it is the most beautiful gift that you will find for someone you love, and the most beautiful way of saying MERRY CHRISTMAS.


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