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Grace was the resident singer at Club Bohemia in Jamaica where she belted out all the top ten R&B music backed by the Mighty Titans just as if it was coming from the juke box or the turn table and this was where she met Sugar Minot and was to spend the next couple years of her life on the road with him as harmony singer. A restless spirit, Grace was always looking for the way to the top so she started on the road to her solo recording career. Grace linked up with Drumilly Music in 1987 and we recorded the single “ Lay some loving on me”. In 1988 we started recording the Album “ Kingston City “ which was cut short by the devastation of hurricane Gilbert and the many months of lack of electricity that followed. This delay only helped to open up the fire in Grace and when we went back into the studio we practically revoiced all the tracks and came away with an album that has not stopped playing since it came off the press in 1989. The title song “Kingston City” still remains the appropriate song for special events in the city. “Where Did the Love Go” and “My little Corner” has helped to add variety to this album and a fitting legacy to Grace’s contribution to the industry. Grace who saw her role as one of the serious messengers in the system could be considered rebellious and was one of the first rasta woman in Jamaica to start walking the street with her locks uncovered or flashing as she refers to it.  This made her the people’s artistes and she would go out of her way to throw fire if she thinks someone was being abused. This manner gave her the appetite to deal with songs like “The Blame” but Grace will undoubtedly be remembered for “ Hush Little Baby”, which serves as a fitting farewell to a very promising soul, who knew nothing but love and probably died defending someone’s rights because only her bag and a lock of her hair has been found to this day. This is the song which I wrote that she has left with the world’



A Song By clarenceroyes  

Hush little baby don’t cry, Hush little baby don’t cry,

Cause your mom is gone away, when she returns, she will bring,

Flowers for your hair,

Yes your mom is gone away, when she returns, she will bring, treasures you can share.

So hush little baby don’t cry.


I know it must be rough, living out there on the street.

Jah bless the one, who gave you something to eat.

There is always a way, for all of Jah, Jah’s children

So hush little baby don’t cry.


Go ahead, watch our farewell tribute to Grace and order her songs she was a spirit of love and could add something special to your lives through her songs.


Grace died in May of 1998. And remains one of Jamaica’s unsolved crimes.