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It is very simple, all you need is a digital video camera, or a cell phone or any digital device that is capable of recording about 20 seconds of video and audio 

To work like a PRO follow the steps outlined below

        FIG1       Step 1

Frame a picture as shown in fig 1


Introduce yourself and whoever is with you in the picture   and say where you are. eg, My name is 

Clarence Royes  and I am in Kingston, Jamaica









FIG 2     




STEP 2 ..             Change your frame to the shot shown in fig 2


Start with the word ,"greetings to"( send your greetings to whoever you wish to send it to, state their names and the relationship and say where they are. Keep it sharp and brisk but do not rush it. eg, Greetings to my mother Icylin Feet and my sisters Carmen and Ida in May Pen, Clarendon Jamaica and to my Brother Josh and his wife Sybil, in Bronx, New York USA and all my friends and relatives across the world.



Luciano is on clarenceroyes Viewfinder...Order here

        Send girl 3

FIG 3 

STEP 3 ..         Change your frame to the shot shown in Fig 3        


Now with a broad smile and happy waves wish them all the best for that special occasion or you may just want to say hi. eg, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday etc. keep it brisk and direct and they will appreciate it even more.

viewfinder 1Beris Hammond is on clarenceroyes Viewfinder...Order here


You may add a few interesting sceneries or informational objects to share your favourite places of interest with your GATW audience      

Step 4 ... CLICK HERE to upload your greetings.

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