George Alphanso  Headley


George Headley is described as the genius of cricket. In his day he thrilled West Indi­ans with his skill and lightning batting.


Born in Panama of West Indian parents on May 20, 1909, he later came to Jamaica to live where he excelled in cricket. Headley played his first test match at Lord's Cricket ground when he was 20 years

old.  From this very first match Headley's fame began to grow.


The Second World War (1939~1945) robbed young Headley of several years of what would have been the prime years of his cricket career. Despite this set back, Headley's greatness was clear in the only 22 test matches which he did play. He made 2,190 runs with his highest score being 270 - not out. Overall he had a batting average of 60.83 and he made ten centuries.


In the book, "Beyond a Boundary" Headley was said by CLR James, the author, to be "quick on his feet as any player I have seen." He had characteristics which can be attributed to less than half a dozen in the whole history of the game.


His achievements were so outstanding that by his twenty-first birthday he was a hero of Jamaica and of West Indian cricket. As a Black man, Headley excelled in a sport which was then dominated by Whites. In his limited time he helped to lay the foun­dation for the extremely healthy state of the present West Indian cricket.


George Headley passed away on November30, 1983 at the age of 74.