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Grace Nelson

Album & CD .. Kingston City



Dance with me,

Nuh Teck Back Chat,

Only one King

Maximum Amount of Love

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More Culture

More Culture

New Born , Lion of Juda

Blackest Among Women

Tommy & Benny

Jimmy Riley

Jimmy Riley

Colour Me Love, Justice

No Fire No Rain


Tinga Stewart

Break Your Heart,  

Come Into My Corner

Jackie P

Jackie  Paris

Moon River .. Rambling Rose

Answer Me, Lazy Days

My Way ..( Many More
















TRIBUTE ..      Clik Here  for Visual tribute

  We pay tribute to Grace Nelson one of Jamaica's  most promising artistes, who fell prey to violence in May 1998 but still live on in the  quality music that she has left us  ..                   Read more






A natural man a natural voice, these go together very well in mankind By no means a new comer to the music business, Mankind spent the early years as Lead singer to " Food Clothes & Shelter"' band when he made the usual circuit of the various Jamaican stages doing as he puts it" Imitation of the Top Ten Records" until MORE








MORE CULTURE       Click here for visual profile

Out of the fishing village of Old Harbour, amid the gentle splashes of the waves and the timely swish of the fisherman's paddle, rises another poet. More







Jimmy Riley. It would have been more difficult for Jimmy Riley not to become a singer than it was to become one, because when growing up in the environs of Water House  and attending the Kingston Senior school the most common activity around him was, song writing, singing and music by some of Jamaica's greatest ..MORE





Tinga Stewart gained prominence on the Jamaican entertainment scene by being one of a very few singers to win the National Festival song contest in Jamaica more than three times in its relatively short history MORE




Jackie Paris The lead singer of the very popular singing group of the sixties " The Sensations" He remembers his entry into the entertainment industry from his early days at st. Andrew Technical when he and Bobby Davis, Gerald Williams and Lloyd Hyman formed their first singing group called the MORE

2000yrs CD V4

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Coco T Cap

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